Asbestos Testing & Surveying

Asbestos Testing & Surveying in Devon

We understand it can be difficult to identify asbestos without specialist expertise. Therefore, it is crucial to employ skilled surveyors like ourselves to take a sample or survey the premises correctly

We are both skilled and experienced in inspecting, collecting and determining the presence of asbestos meticulously. Therefore, if you require professional assistance with the safe testing and surveying of asbestos, we are the perfect team for you. .

Asbestos Testing & Surveying in Devon

All bases are covered with the asbestos testing and surveying services we offer at Dart Asbestos Removal Ltd. Our asbestos surveyors are widely skilled in a comprehensive range of asbestos inspection and sample collection techniques which allows us to determine the presence of asbestos accurately and safely.

Our advice to property owners with asbestos concerns:

  • Do not touch the asbestos
  • Avoid releasing asbestos fibres in the air
  • Do not apply adhesive tape
  • Do not sand, drill or saw asbestos materials
  • Seek professional advice prior to asbestos material removal
  • Undergo all asbestos material removal with an insured, licensed asbestos contractor
Asbestos Testing & Surveying in Devon

As a team, we conduct asbestos re-inspection surveys in properties/buildings that have previously been identified with asbestos to monitor and record its condition consistently. This prevents asbestos products from degrading and becoming a hazard to health through deterioration and lack of inspection at regular intervals.

Unfortunately, like any building material, asbestos-containing materials are subject to potential damage and degradation. With this, once asbestos is identified within a building it must be monitored by licensed surveyors

Prior to conducting our asbestos re-inspection surveys, an existing asbestos management survey, asbestos register and asbestos management survey must be in place.

For more information on our asbestos testing and surveying services at Dart Asbestos Removal Ltd, contact us today or call us on 01803 926 199, where one of our asbestos removal contractors will be happy to assist you further. We aim to book you within 1-3 working days.

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